Something to Hug









A little impromtu sewing session took hold as the midget snuggled in bed reading books feeling under the weather. He wants a cat, and we can’t have a real one, so he got his sewing book, flicked through the pages and declared he wanted to MAKE one then.

And that’s just what we did.

Umming and ahhing over my fabric shelves, he chose the colour of his cat, the colour of the thread, he cut around the cat template, sewed, stuffed and helped to embroider the facial details. And then, he loved his new kitty cat up.

I love the way these boys of mine assume that if they want something they can make it (not buy it). That’s their first thought :: how can we make that? And often the first port of call is to their mama for some help. It makes me proud to think that the midget now has a cat of his own to hug as tightly as he can – all through his own work.

Although… he still wants a *real* cat….

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6 thoughts on “Something to Hug

  1. Thankyou! Yes, I think when he is all grown up he might be a cat kind of person 🙂 although he did suggest we get a new daddy so he could get a cat *now*… a little bit worrying…. 😛


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