2018 – update

Hello! Sorry for my absence here but I’ve been working and peddling furiously behind the scenes to get my new website and product-line up and running. Yes! Another site! But this one is fancy pants and grown up: Green Man Art.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be popping by here, and over at my Patreon Page, and then there’s Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, oh my!

So what is this new website and product thing all about? Well….

I’m getting all my products under one roof. I’ll keep with etsy for a while to lure people over, but I want all my things where I can see them. It’s less complicated (to me) that way.

Also, as well as Behind the Scenes peeks etc on my Patreon Page, and round ups of what I’m getting up to at this space, I’m integrating a crafty blog within the new website – it won’t be as personal, but I hope to keep adding to it and build a nice little resource up there.

But right now I’m all excited about my new CRAFT BOX range – seasonal craft boxes that will include two crafts tutorials, the things to make them, an art zine, art prints, free download art codes, and treats and goodies in one letterbox-friendly box delivered to your door – with FREE shipping for U.K. residents! All that goodness straight to your door! Subscriptions will open a month before they start shipping (the Spring Craft Box is open now, will begin shipping 1st March) but boxes are LIMITED, and once they’re gone they’re gone. There will be no re-issues.

So PLEASE go take a look at my fancy pants new website, and PLEASE tell everyone you know too – and if you’d like to sign up to a craft box subscription then we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other!


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