Dear Lord





Winter really does kick my ass. I tread water, and some years are easier than others, but by the middle of January I’m seriously considering moving to the equator. Ecuador sounds nice.

So far this winter the skies have been clear, so the shortening days have been bearable, but for the last couple of weeks we’ve been living under a mountain of cloud, and some days it just wasn’t worth opening the curtains. It doesn’t take long before I start to unravel and start speaking in tongues when that happens.

To make matters worse I’ve been without a laptop (again!) for the past week. Not even two months old and Windows basically imploded and it had to be wiped. No light and no laptop, it is without exageration to say I’ve been going bonkers. Unable to work effieciently and having most of my material online was hard. And even the cozy vibe at home is starting to grate on my nerves. Most nights look like this – Xboxing football, or attending football, or talking football, or listening to football matches. I know I should insist on less screen time, but honestly, the thought of having to use my brain and engage in talking or chess makes my skin itch.

But hurrah, here I am with my laptop, I’m busy again, I’m planning things for sale and preparing my portfolio.

But Dear Lord if winter could just bugger off now that would be greaaaaat.

Inspire me. What are you up to?


4 thoughts on “Dear Lord

  1. Maybe you should try a daylight lamp. We’ve got some in our office and that works great. Less winter blues due to darkness.
    I’m trying to knit 52 hats this year and hope to produce some patterns (preferably a few that people would buy) while I’m doing that. But you’d better not go and visit my blog to see the first two, since you don’t want to know where I am right now… 😉
    Hope you feel better and inspired soon. I love that drawing!


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