If you’ve been following my blog long enough you will know how much I love selvedge. It defies explanation; the first thing I do when I get new fabric is cut the selvedge off and place it into a bag with all the others I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve never really had a ‘plan’ with what I was going to do with this mass of fabric edging – it was just some form of crafting OCD thing.

I know others have done amazing things with these pieces of selvedge – quilts, pincushions, a dress for crying out loud, but for the most part nothing really grabbed me as a project I wanted to dip into the mad OCD stash for…. until… I landed on Fussy Cut and immediately thought ‘yes!’ when I saw her mug rug tutorial. So obvious and so pretty and something I actually could use.

So one afternoon I locked myself away and rummaged through the stash and made a rainbow of mug rugs for the sitting room. Easy, peasy and very satisfying to make.

I have my eye on some placemats for the dinner table and maybe even a table runner too? If my stash could possibly hold out that long, I can see no reason why we shouldn’t eat and drink surrounded by my selvedge obsession…

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7 thoughts on “Selvedge

  1. Oh! I have a piece of selvedge with the text: Marimekko 1962 Maija Isola “Batseba”… I just couldn´t throw it away. Now I have to start collecting more to be able to use it. I guess I just got selvedgosis?


  2. You’ve all been throwing your selvedge AWAY?! *feints* good grief, that just isn’t right! I think one reason I hoard these is because it is like a mini-record of all the fabric I’ve ever bought…. and I do so love my fabric….


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