Knitting Furiously




As I write this there is snow on the ground; I am wrapped in my studio scarf, a shawl, a cardigan and socks and can still feel the nip of cold on my nose. All of a sudden those woollens are necessary and not an optional add-on.

I always forget how cold it can get in winter. And to be fair, it rarely snows here and so far the weather has been so mild we’ve even done without jackets some days. But oh boy, when the weather does turn I appreciate those knits so very much.

So this week I am knitting furiously again – hats, gators, the basics. And as I tuck my boys up at night with woollen blankets and home made quilts, I am so very grateful that so many of the things that give us comfort are handmade. It feels like an added layer of warmth: mama-made love.

Hope you’re warm too!


6 thoughts on “Knitting Furiously

  1. It’s nice to see the yarn coming out in your world, Deb! Another part of your beautifully create spirit! I’m pulling mine out again to finish up a hat or two for the grands for Christmas. Basic…but made by hand! Blessings to you and your beautiful boys! xo


  2. Doing what makes your heart sing! I have knit a few Russian Wedding Ring cowls that I really love. I do them on a circular needle and the only thing I have to do is measure when I reach 4″. Love doing them.


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