Surviving Autumn

An Autumn Manifesto

Surviving winter starts in autumn in my book. I always take a little nose-dive at this time of year, so as I sat rocking back and forth, speaking in tongues one evening, I thought I’d do that thing that brings me peace: draw. Before I knew it I was planning a little ‘autumn manifesto’ to remind me to find the beauty in this season.

With help from some instagram friends we came up with this list above (thanks to Rachelle Blondel, Jax Blunt, Slugs and Snails, Aisha Malik, Emma, Becky, @umm_aymandeensakinah, @Pootle_momma, and a couple of private users. Phew!)

I’d also like to add some practical things for the manifesto: take Vitamin D3 by the bucketload! Maybe think about getting a SAD lamp… because I’m SAD…, and plan special treats – days out and mini-breaks that get you out of dodge for a while, let you recharge and have something to look forward to.

Can you think of any others? Add them in the comments!

If you would like a copy of our manifesto then feel free to print out your own! (And if you do and have an image of it posted in your home then tag me on instagram @greenmanart!)


2 thoughts on “Surviving Autumn

  1. I love your autumn list! Autumn is my season and I love it. But my worse season is summer and I need a list for that. I guess we are all different. So I know how you feel going into your bad season. Autumn makes me feel like I am being protected. I can wear warm clothes and heat up the kitchen with cooking. I hope you have a snuggly, happy autumn.


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