When the Break is More Work than the Work















The weekend before last I was feeling rather tetchy; I was all ‘arted’ out with meeting artistic deadlines and pushing myself to draw way past several bedtimes. I needed a break. I had wanted a day out in the forest, in that special place that quietens and recharges, but alas, my car is dead and will be so until a veritable miracle occurs, and so plan B was called for.

Plan B in this case was a bit of sewing. I felt the need to make something for no reason at all, and I decided on a new pillow cover – in log cabin style – yes! A little stitching would be just fine. And so that is what I did. And then, as is the way with me, I thought, ‘you know, now that the machine is out, it wouldn’t take so long to make a lap quilt for the winter months – I have an entire woollen bedsheet for the batting and some Liberty Tana Lawn that I’ve wanted to use as the backing forever’… and so that is what I started.

And I think I was into the second block when I utterly regretted starting it. I wanted a little stitching for a break, and what I ended up with was a weekend long project!

Persisting, I managed to rattle the quilt out over the Saturday and was hand sewing the binding on Sunday evening, busting it out as fast as I could.

In the end I was happy with the quilt and was glad I’d made the effort, but the state of my studio, the ache in my back, the obliteration of my fabric shelves and the thread all over the floor, left me with no stitchy itch left. The machine was put back in her hidey hole, and goodness knows when she’ll ever see the light of day again, and I tidied the room ready for my back-to-work art on the Monday.

But I got my log cabin pillow.


4 thoughts on “When the Break is More Work than the Work

  1. Ok I have to admit something here…

    I love crafts in general… and have tried several crafts… but quilting was the only one thing that I wished I could love… but couldn’t >.<

    It has been a while since I was last here, and have to admit that your blog is one of my favourites…

    Enjoy what remained of summer ❤


  2. My sister moved recently into the UK, Manchester, and yes, the gap between the weather here in the Middle East and the UK was surprising to her 😀

    She was hoping that she will catch enough summer in Manchester to say goodbye there… apparently she didn’t and the family ran face to face into winter without going through autumn hehehe


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