Back Behind the Wheel








As afternoon gave way to evening, the dinner on the stove, the children catching the last of the day whilst they still could, I dusted my wheel down.

I spun until the children came in. We ate and washed up, and I spun some more. It became full dark and I’d moved onto plying, and just when my energy gave out, I was done. A hank of 50g yarn.

I sat on the couch and chatted with the boys as they played and I knit. And it was another day of wonder at the power of persistence, and how much can be achieved when we just put one foot in front of the other.

Only 150g of this fluff left before I can cast on to knit something special. And I know that won’t be achieved with a monumental amount of effort, but simply plodding along, stitch by stitch.

Ah, here’s to a slower season!


2 thoughts on “Back Behind the Wheel

  1. Amen! One foot in front of the other. Some days that’s all we’ve got! Pray for you and the boys every day, Deb. You’ve got this. And I LUV your yarnwoek, always!


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