The Boon of Blight






I thought all the rain we’d had would bring it’s share of problems, and I was right. The tomatoes, once thriving, succumbed to late season blight. I’m a little gutted – I’m still holding out hope for several varieties that have yet to show signs, but for the beef tomatoes it was time to admit defeat.

Don’t count your tomato sauce before it’s ripe, or something like that!

But there were too many good green tomatoes out there to waste, so instead of sauce, chutney was called into the game plan. I carefully washed the tomatoes to remove any spores, washed them again, then washed them AGAIN, and then finally started cooking those babies up. I don’t remember the last time I had homemade relish. Why do we buy store bought? Like pickle and jam (and anything, really), once you’ve tasted homemade store bought seems like such a false economy.

So the tomato’s doom is our gain – the pantry shelf is a little fuller, maybe not with what had been intended, but I know there will be no complaints from my mini-men.


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