In My Garden: Late July












It’s feeling a lot like autumn out there. The rain has returned, the air is cooler and those shadows in the afternoon are foreboding now. Still, I’ll keep the faith and won’t admit defeat till the leaves have turned.

In my garden this week then:

:: the leek seem happy. No one has told them they’re living in a bag and they’re just getting on with becoming leeks.

:: the garlic has started to sprout and that can do it’s thing till spring.

:: I returned for clearance aisle raspberry canes – two more – one has died, but I’m hoping the roots might give me something next year if I’m nice, and one has rewarded my faith by giving me a teeny tiny raspberry!

:: those apples, goodness, if they don’t break that tree in half it will be a miracle. It has almost doubled over with the weight of them. I called the arborist.

:: the plums are blushing up nicely. Not many but more than none. Bonus.

:: the bramble and I have come to an understanding: if you can’t beat it, farm it. Stakes have gone in and I’m training them up as canes.

:: the tomatoes are vexing me with their ability to pull every stake down. I’m pleased for the weighty tomatoes, but some thought will have to go in for keeping those babies upright!

:: I’ve set some more carrots off; they can do what they like till next year.

:: Ditto winter cabbage. If any survives

:: I’ve put some courgette out; I know it’s late, but if we get anything then fine and if we don’t, no worries.

:: More herbs – this time valerian, yarrow and fennel, along with a beautiful Russian Sage that I hope will look nice with the hollyhocks next year.

:: the strawberries and chilli have had another flush of flower – I think all this rain is helping.

Soon I need to start keeping notes about what I will do differently next year.


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