An Afternoon in My Kitchen













It had started off so innocently, as it usually does; I had just meant to decant the stock into pint jars to freeze.

But then I remembered about another chicken carcass from the meal the previous evening, so set another stock pot on the boil, mixing it up with spices and chilli.

Then remembered those strawberries we picked last week won’t keep much longer – and there’s nothing easier than making jam – in went the jars to sterilise and by the time they were done so was the jam!

The leftover raspberries were looking a little worse for wear, so a batch of muffins was called for so they weren’t wasted.

And you know, whilst they’re cooking and seeing as I’ve washed all the pots and pans up, it wouldn’t take me five minutes to get some fermented radishes set up. And the milk kefir. And some almonds soaking. And a fancy batch of chilli black bean hummus for the eldest. And some onion salad. And I guess I’d better start cooking the evening meal…

I swear I went in to do one job. And four hours later I think every pot in my kitchen had seen some action.

Ah, but the satisfaction of having a freezer drawer a little bit fuller, the cupboards stocked a wee bit higher, and some happy boys with plenty of things they love to eat makes this mama’s heart happy. An afternoon well spent.


8 thoughts on “An Afternoon in My Kitchen

  1. Masha allah you’ve done well. It is indeed very satisfying to see your efforts all year long in the pantry. A jar of bright strawberry jam will brighten the dullest winter day ( if they survive that long 😉 )


  2. Kefir! You know kefir?!!!

    I thought that it was just a “north caucasian” thing that no one else knew! 😀

    I mean, here, in the middle east, there is no chance that any one would know what I am talking about if I say “Kefir”!

    You know, I will go and try to ask people down the hallway in the office and see if any one knows it! LOL


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