I’m a great believer in intuition; it’s served me well so far. But sometimes I’m so busy getting through the to-do lists that I ignore those subtle cues. The sudden urge to gather all my car breakdown information in my purse only for the car to break down that evening? Yep. Needing to find a friend you haven’t seen in years, and instinctively going to the right place and finding them? That happens too. But sometimes my poor body has to drag me around on a broken crutch for days before the penny finally drops: that it isn’t age creeping up on me, I just need to convalesce! I’m tired for a reason, I’m craving bone broth for a reason, I’m seeking nettle tea for a reason, I have the urge to burn lavender oil for a reason! My body knows it before I do.

I really need to remember to be quiet, and listen.

Right now my body is telling me to rest. So that’s what I’m doing. And here’s hoping the next time my body needs to let me know something I’ll get with the programme a little sooner.


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