From Garden to Table











Rather a lot of photos for such a small harvest, but we were quite pleased with ourselves. Potatoes! Carrots! Herbs! In such a tiny plot anything is a bonus and everything is an experiment this year.

The potatoes were grown in tubs and did OK, but I’m sure there’s a trick or two to get better yields. The carrots were a variety that grows short and stumpy for container gardens, and we pulled them early because I’m having a rearrange out there.

Peas are still plumping up, the tomatoes getting fatter and the beans are doing their thing. We were happy to get this tiny harvest into our bellies, as the youngest stated: “Food always tastes better when you’ve grown it yourself!”.

It certainly does.


6 thoughts on “From Garden to Table

  1. I like your garden & agree with your son’s comment!! Its also more healthy! What are your square black plastic-looking containers & what is the name of your carrots? I live in US & have a few raised beds, but I’ve never been successful with carrots. Did you grow tomatoes? Thanks for sharing. Mary Ann


  2. The carrots are called D’Eysines Carrot, sometimes known as Luc Carrot. They’re an heirloom variety from France. The containers are all flowers! Yep I’m growing a couple varieties of tomato to see what works and next year I have plans for a bigger section of the garden for them.


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