Notes From My Kitchen










Blink! Here we are at that time of year again, five minutes after starting the garden: minds have turned to canning and preserving.

For a few years I let this slide; it’s not like we’re going to starve if I don’t pickle my one tomato from the garden insha’allah. But back at the farm with those delicious berries it made me want to put some by for winter – a little summer time ‘hello’ when we’ve forgotten what sun feels like.

I pulled every jar I own out from every nook and cranny and the eldest cheered when he saw them all. “Are you making JAM this year??” he asked hopefully. “I’ll think about it”, I answered. “YES! … I LOVE your jam! I love it when you make stuff!!”. Poor, deprived child. No pressure then. Some notes, then, from my kitchen:

:: Lakeland now stock wide necked Ball jars in various sizes, as well as regular jars too. For those of you with a few more pennies than I do, they’ve also started stocking those pretty Weck jars too! In fact, most things preserving related can be found there, along with Certo pectin for the first time.

:: Talking about Certo pectin, they’ve produced their own jam recipe booklet with some nice ideas in there.

:: An interesting article entitled “The Old British Method of Just “Bottling” Preserves is Known to be unsafe Now“, in case you didn’t know it already. Some more information on safe canning in the UK. And here’s water canning and pressure canning explained.

:: Passata Italian family recipe. Nuff said. And a nice tomato sauce recipe found here.

:: As little bits are coming in from the garden I’m making refrigerator pickle. I’ve been using this recipe with various green things like snap peas etc. It’s really good and it’s ready to go in a week. Also, check out these eBooks by Denise as well as the rest of her free recipes. So good.

So, what’s coming out of your kitchen these days?


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