Inside : Outside






The heat hit – like someone opened the oven door. Nothing brings relief. We’re showering a lot and trying to find the coolest place in the house. The garden is best enjoyed at night when temperatures fall to the low 20*s.

The jasmine is making sitting outside at iftar extra beautiful. We planted this after the Manchester bomb to remember the victims; it quickly became our ‘peace tree’ to remember all those affected by hate and violence. There is too much to feel over-whelmed by in this world; in my lowest moments I still believe in the power to plant seeds and add light to the world.

Inside, we are twinkling up the house as we work towards Eid. Such a small thing which makes my two boys grin from ear to ear.

I’m holding them a little tighter these days.


4 thoughts on “Inside : Outside

  1. So much horror going on in this world. But we can find peace in our homes and yards. And our families. I love your peace tree also. A wonderful idea. I am going to look for the best around me and in the town I live. I will focus on the good. May you and your family find peace also. May the peace grow and the hate get smaller.


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