London Shooting


Horrified to hear the news of the attack on pedestrians and a police man at Westminster today. My children and I have stood in that very same place.

My brother was walking distance to the last terrorist attack on 7/7; had he been a minute earlier he would have been on the train, and had he walked quicker to the bus stop once the station was evacuated, the bus.

I remember too the terrorist attacks in my childhood from the IRA; going into London was always a tense affair, it was always in the back of your mind. And with a father in the army who lost friends to the IRA these incidents were very real to us.

What a world we live in when one of our worries isn’t just about crossing busy roads, but being aware of cars travelling towards us on pavements. Trying explain the ‘why’ to children when madness just doesn’t make sense.

What a convoluted utter mess.


2 thoughts on “London Shooting

  1. Not easy to understand why someone would do this. I guess I am either lucky or stupid not to know why this makes sense in any way. My prayers are with the families and friends that lost loved ones and those that are injured. I will pray that terror stops.


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