A New Year, A New Garden




What a weird few years it has been; I can barely believe it is 2017 and have to keep adding my children’s ages up to make sure it’s right when they tell me they’re 15 and almost 12! Where did my babies go?? I don’t remember when I took my eye off the ball but I feel as though I’m missing something…

We let the allotment go a few years back – Ramadan fell in the hottest months, just when the garden needed our full attention, and if there’s one thing I don’t want to do whilst not eating or drinking for 18 hours is breaking rocks in the hot sun. It was a drive there, we had to cart tools with us, and the soil was pure evil. So, that’s that.

But goodness I miss watching things grow. And after a couple years of not knowing whether we would be in this house much longer I’ve decided I can’t live with a foot in each camp and I’m throwing my lot in with the garden; if we move we move, and if we don’t then, I’ll have a garden!

The boys have very helpfully irradicated the lawn for us by playing none-stop football in the mud months. And when I say ‘lawn’ I do in fact mean, ‘wasteland outside the back door’. Slightly bigger than two postage stamps, but still enough for a determined urban gardener to make a dent on.

Today my seed order from the Real Seed Company landed on my doorstep and it’s all systems go to get a lot of back breaking work done before I can even consider planting these babies into trays. I’m not too frantic about getting it all done ‘right’, I aim to get out and enjoy the garden, and if we get some fresh greens out of it then, well, that’s a bonus.

Roll on spring!


3 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Garden

  1. Exactly my way of gardening too, and don’t forget the more you dig the more old bits of Lego and cutlery you will be reunited with! Can’t go wrong….
    Emma x


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