Beeswax: Leaves & Candles









I think I’ve been a premature about celebrating the return of my laptop. It has crashed consistently all week and we have used as much duct tape and hacking as we can to get us the right side of broadband, and now I must face facts: I need a new hard drive. So, expect more radio silence – will battle on, but ye gads technology is pricey.

Beeswax then! To keep the autumn vibe going we collected some of the very last fallen leaves last week – the maples had all turned a boring yellow – we grabbed what we could and returned home to make them last as long as possible – by dunking them in molten beeswax. I’m not sure the colour will last very much longer, but they haven’t disintegrated into dust yet, which means they can sit on our mantle for a little while longer as we pretend winter isn’t really coming.

And as the beeswax was already melted it was a most convenient time to make some solstice candles (yes, winter really is coming, who can deny it) in a few thrifted teacups. Poured and ready to use. I do love beeswax candles above all others; they smell so much better and there’s no horrible acrid smoke with them. And there they sit, all pretty and full of potential, waiting for just the right moment to brighten up a gloomy day.


2 thoughts on “Beeswax: Leaves & Candles

  1. I still haven’t started any of my fall rituals. It’s not cold in London, just wet and grey. My brain doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that winter IS coming

    ( glad to have found you again. I kinda lost track of you for a while… well of your new website 😢 )


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