Slow Going

hand pieced quilt

quilt blocks

When the eldest turned 12 I had managed, after several years and non-starters, sewn him his own heirloom quilt. The idea being that both boys would eventually get one. As in, hand pieced, hand sewn, hand quilted.


There might be a reason the second quilt is only four blocks in so far.

There is no way any quilt will be ready in time for the youngest’s twelfth birthday. I’m aiming for thirteen. Or fourteen. Or thereabouts. Maybe a house warming quilt for when he leaves home. Or a wedding gift. Or congratulations on the birth of your first child. Or something.

I don’t know why I pile the pressure on like this…. maybe there is a chance he will not even notice he doesn’t have one.


If hell froze over.

I think I know what my winter crafting is going to involve this year….


2 thoughts on “Slow Going

  1. I’ve been meaning to make my eldest a quilt for three years. I’m just going to make a square one and get it done. This one is so beautiful. All my favourite colours. Very talented!


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