Not Crafting

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I’m never sure if a lack of crafting is a symptom of depression or the cause of it. I do know these things go hand in hand. Crafter’s block? I’m surrounded by things to make and have neither the wherewithal or desire to do anything about it.

I do have an itch to start a quilt – but I would need to fix my sewing machine first. That would involve moving things away from the sewing table to find the machine to then fix. Who has the energy for that. Pinterest is annoying me with its perfection. Bloggers are annoying me with their shiny lives. Knitting is pissing me off with that bloody string that gets tangled. Painting… well I can’t be bothered to clean up afterward.

I know, I know. All I do is moan. Any tips for digging myself out of this hole? Or is it time someone took the shovel off me?


3 thoughts on “Not Crafting

  1. I try to make myself fake it til I make it – go through the motions until the creativity & enjoyment start to flow. And other times I end up wallowing for a few days before things start looking different. The perfection on Pinterest & Instagram sometimes gets to me too – that’s usually when I rebel & pin or post pictures of imperfect things.


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