Food in Fall

fire cider

fire cider

My brewing shelf is stacked high with all manner of things – soaking seeds and nuts, brewing kefir and kraut, and this week another batch of fire cider – which my family have already declared they will not be eating.

Fools. They have already been through a jar without realising… how else can a mama give their immune system a boost unless she sneaks some good stuff into meals without their knowledge…

This will be a while before it is ready and we’re all out of the last batch, I think I’ll have to up doses of bone broth in the meantime. They don’t mind that – which is good – because that allows me to get green things into them without their knowledge, especially leeks – who doesn’t like leeks?!

Mama – part lion-tamer, part magician. They’ll thank me one day, right?


2 thoughts on “Food in Fall

  1. They will!

    I really need to get some more kefir – both kefir cultures and the kombucha went by the wayside postpartum and weren’t rescuable. Another friend had a baby at a similar time and ditto. Another friend had other issues and ditto. It’s a small comfort that my local friends, whilst just as interested in food and fermentation, are, essentially as disorganised as me 😉

    I really ought to dig out my fire cider – it’s been sitting in the cupboard for a year – I think I might strip some wood with it 😀


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