The Itch to Stitch

Qalballah The Knitting Bug


Skein winder

vintage wool winder

I have to admit, the usual indicator of autumn – my urge to knit – hasn’t really taken hold yet. I’m a bit worried as usually I’ve ear-marked quite a few things on Ravelry by now.

To try to force the itch I decided it was time for cowl and hat making. I thought I might have better luck ‘getting into it’ if the yarn was some of mine. So I dug out this skein and set to work.

But nope. Even though a cowl I did make (more on this in another post, would like some in situ shots and not just plonked on the floor), I haven’t had the usual ten-projects-on-the-go thing starting. I’m hoping once these manic few weeks of Organising All The Things have settled down, I’ll find a few minutes here and there that would be perfect for knitting …

Come on, inspire me! What’s on your sticks – any patterns that are doing it for you?


2 thoughts on “The Itch to Stitch

  1. I have been making Russian Rings cowls for the last year. I didn’t work on them this summer, but will get back to them now that fall is here. They are made on circular needles. Three interlocked rings. Just love the look. Can’t wait to see your cowls.


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