It’s Never Too Late

Back to school after 20 years

adult education

adult education

art school

art school

charcoal and chalk still life

This week, after lining up some major ducks in terms of finance and child care, I went back to school. Not full time and nothing fancy, but after twenty-plus years of not getting back to my art, and after regretting the decision not to take an art A-level forever, I took a tiny step at rectifying that. I’m on a beginner art course, which is wild.

I nearly talked myself out of it a thousand times – we need the money for other things, it’s just easier to stay at home with the kids and watch YouTube videos, who needs art anyway – you know the mama-self-talk. But I just plodded along and then turned up on day 1 to see what it was all about. And I LOVE IT.

Yes, it’s nice getting back to the art, but more than that, it’s nice getting back to me. It’s nice meeting new people, nice having a coffee in the refectory without having to wash the mug up afterwards, nice to have space to stare out of the window without some niggling demand encroaching on my head space – no laundry in the field of vision – the list goes on! It is no exaggeration to say that it was like a long, quiet :: e x h a l e :: ….. and I needed that more than I knew.

And now, well, I have wind in my sails for the rest of the week, small, quiet (big) plans for the future, a reason to wear nice clothes at least once in a while, and homework.

I’ll take it.


7 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late

  1. Hooray! (And hooray for red shoes too!)
    Have also been meaning to comment on your last post and haven’t got round to it. In essence: absolutely, keep up the great work you are already doing, and all the best… Bottom line for me is, happiness comes before qualifications – but the reality for us turned out to be academically successful adults – a bonus!
    (Am always happy to act as a sounding board if ever that would be helpful. )


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