Goodbye, Summer



Here we are, then, on really the last day of summer for most of us. Tomorrow as the calendar turns there will be a shift, ever increasing daily, indoors. A new school year awaits and after a year of shaking it up and seeing where things fell, this year I am doing my level best to claw back the path I feel comfortable with, implement those things that have always worked for us and take a gentler (but consistent) approach to a few issues that need addressing.

Maybe I’ll blog more about this as we get further into the term; for now we have a train trip and a city and its galleries to explore, an archery tournament, and another Eid to negotiate before I can leave summer fully behind and get into gear for the school year.

As usual, you’re going too fast, year!


3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Summer

  1. All the best to you and yours for the new ‘school’ year. My thoughts are beginning to turn that way too, but for now I am enjoying a last few days holiday, in Shetland.


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