Get Them While They’re Hot









It occurred to me the other day, as I was driving hither and thither ferrying people from here to there, that this is summer. In that, THIS right NOW was summer. There won’t be any more weeks left of good weather; there can be no ‘we’ll do that another day’; there isn’t time to umm and ahh – for this is summer, the last real summer month. In a few short weeks if not the weather, then certainly the calendar, will turn, and classes and schedule and life will begin again.

No time to waste.

All manner of days out were written into the calendar, and for the first time since playing hooky all those months ago, we made time for our beach – and everything that comes with it. And if the weather plays ball we might be back before September strikes.

I have no idea where this year has flown to. But I do know that I’d better make hay whilst this sun shines….


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