For the Journeys








Pens, pencils, notebooks, art journals, ink pens, watercolour palette, brushes, nature books, rulers, bulldog clips, fossil chisels, binoculars, specimens found, nature treasure. This is the totality of things we shove in a bag when we go exploring.

It was time to get organised. That Adventure Wrap I made a while back has been doing a fine job, and it’s made me realise how more efficient I am when I know where everything is!

So I rustled up a bigger, badder version of that – with pockets and zipped pouches – times three. For me and the boys.

Now when we go out and want to nature journal, or have somewhere to keep all those feathers and leaves we seem to pick up, we will have it all on hand.

Yep. I’m happy about that. But I think I’m done with wallets now.


2 thoughts on “For the Journeys

  1. Love, love, love the “keepers” you have made! I figure I could make a few of those myself. Maybe in that beautiful grey and gold.


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