Back to the Making






Sometimes you see an idea so simple that it’s actually brilliant. In my opinion, this is one such ‘thing’. Scouring Pinterest can lead to all manner of rabbit holes, some end in disaster – hence #pinterestfail – but some are actually the stone cold genius they appear to be.

There are all manner of ways of holding yarn when you’re in the middle of a project – bowls, balls, caddies – but this simple little bag has something none other has – it’s portable! I do tend to knit and crochet all over the place, often outdoors when they boys are occupied, or walking around the house from room to room finishing jobs before I can settle. Now with this quickly sewn up tote I can slip the bag over a wrist and be on my way! What’s not to love?


2 thoughts on “Back to the Making

  1. Inspired! I transport my knitting projects in small homemade drawstring bags, which I sometimes hang from my wrist, but this is even better.


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