The fallout of the UK referendum has invaded the whole of public life here. The splits, the failures, the anger, the resentment – a wound has opened and its awful to see what has been festering under all those sticking plasters all this time. I don’t think I’m the only one to worry about where this ship is headed.

But. The good thing about getting things out in the open is that all the festering ends and we get a chance to clean the wounds and try and get back to health. There is always a yin to every yan.

This weekend also saw us enter the last ten days of Ramadan, leading up to the boys’ most treasured time of year – Eid!! Putting aside adult worries, the house was spruced up and decorations were added, mostly by the boys as I sat and watched. Tinsel and shiny things galore! Their excitement was contagious and I remembered scenes of my own childhood as they got giddier and giddier with it all. Finally, when they sat in the dimmed room with just the coloured lights giving off their glow, they silently hugged themselves.

Now we count down the days!


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