A Finished Shawl : Hand dyed – Hand Spun – Hand Knit






Finally. I have been working on this (reasonably) small shawl for a while now. To be fair, most of that was ripping out and re-starting and spinning up a little more yarn to finish the project, because the actual knitting time was probably only a couple days. This is my first attempt at lace knitting and I think I can confirm that lace is not for me. I’m a sloppy knitter. One dropped stitch on a sweater is no big deal because you can make it up along the way – but a dropped stitch on lace? Unforgiving, jarring pattern repeats slap you in your face. And yes, there are still plenty of mistakes in there – I am just past caring.

The yarn was a medium weight hand spun that I dyed with saffron and turmeric in Jacob fleece. In retrospect I should have realised this wasn’t the most ideal yarn for a shawl, as it’s rather stiff and more fitting for a sweater and the drape isn’t great, but as I wanted this for warmth on windy shores then this really isn’t a big deal for me.

But my very own hand knit with hand-spun hand-dyed yarn? Totally makes up for the mistakes in there.

Edited to Add:: Oops forgot to name the pattern! It’s Ashton Shawlette by Dee O’Keefe, on Ravelry!


6 thoughts on “A Finished Shawl : Hand dyed – Hand Spun – Hand Knit

  1. Oh. My. Word. How gorgeous! You know, I never used the colors you alway use. Until I saw your color palette over and over again. And I was hooked! I think it’s about my favorite now. I am dipping my toe into the yellows, golds, oranges, greys that you use. I will have to get into your archives and look at your handwork and stitching again. Got to get this right!


  2. Yay! A convert to the mustard/grey crew! I am a bit predictable aren’t I. Flickr is doing something with their archive farms so some pictures aren’t showing up in old posts…. they hopefully will get it sorted but its so annoying :/


  3. Your shawl is just beautiful. You should be proud of yourself for persevering. I probably would have thrown it in the corner rather than rip back all that lacework. I love love love the cardigan too. It’s gorgeous. 😍


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