The Days Before










The days before Ramadan involves me cleaning the house from top to bottom, getting as much laundry done as I can, shoe-horning in as many treats and days out as I can for the boys, and cleaning and sorting the kitchen.

I do not plan any outings in Ramadan and we do not have any guests before iftar. I want simple ease in this month – a month to focus on my spirituality, and not to become even more shackled to the kitchen than I already am! Muslims can become a bit obsessed by food in Ramadan which is the diametric opposite of what should happen. Running around the table at iftar is a worrying reflection of the inner state of our souls. Muhammad (saw) would say “a morsel of food is sufficient to keep the back upright”; the sign of aestheticism is not that you shouldn’t own anything, but that nothing should own you. In this month we become masters of our own selves and tame the animal appetites. If you cannot control them you are a slave to them.

I have however, upped my brewing station – my ‘witches shelf’ as the youngest calls it. I have all manner of things bubbling and brewing and soaking there. A new batch of viili which is super delicious, some water kefir, infused herbal water, soaked nuts and oats and chia and what-have-you. I have made enough food to last several sehris, some bone broth, and there is a new batch of chilli chutney ready to take the skin off the teeth of the eldest, who loves his painful food.

Me, I know it is my faithful companion tea that I will miss the most.

So here’s to another Ramadan – may it bring blessings and lessons to all.


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