Frogged and Blocked









This sweater began it’s life first as a cardigan, then (when I realised my boys are too lazy to do and undo buttons and left it buttoned up and used it as a sweater) as a sewn-up sweater, passed down to the midget with a little extra knit onto the bottoms of the arms and body to make it last longer, and finally it was toast. It wasn’t a good knit to begin with, but added extra miles on it just made it floppy and drapey and, well, awful.

So I frogged it. Yarn is too pricey to waste. I unraveled the whole thing and had a pile of blue yarn ready to make into sweater 2.0 for the growing boys.

But a frogged small sweater will not a big sweater make, so other frogged balls of yarn, and a some grey yarn from my Woolclip recce at Caldbeck, was added to the mix and I settled on this easy, peasy, beginner sweater pattern – Flax by Tin Can Knits – and pootled along in stripe mode. It’s a lovely pattern, actually. In fact, if you’ve never knit a pullover before I think you should start here as it’s so clear and precise.

I went into adult sizes for this thinking that this could be used for a couple of winters before being handed down (and eventually frogged again). But what would you know… that boy of mine is already filling it and ready for an upgrade. I can barely believe it. This was like knitting a carpet – it just went on and on, and yet here he is – already out of it.

I will leave it alone until he’s well out of it and perhaps frog the bottom on the sleeves and body and knit a few more stripes. Or maybe the youngest will have a big sweater early and I’ll begin on another adult sweater for my growing teenage son. This time in LARGE.


8 thoughts on “Frogged and Blocked

  1. it’s gorgeous! I love tincan knits patterns – have bought several but started none 🙂 I must get me some wool and get knitting.


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