Back to the Yarn






I recently tried an experiment in over-dying a store-bought skein of oatmeal coloured yarn.

What can I say? My appreciation of artisan, independent yarn makers is increasing each and every time. Soooooo time-consuming, not to say energy-sapping! Winding, unwinding, rewinding, washing, dyeing, washing…

I tried an ombre effect, with two colours, then when the yarn was reskeined and still wet, sprinkled Kool Aid powder at various intervals for a mottled effect. It smells heavenly – like those absurdly fruity erasers we used to get back in the day.

I have no plans for this little lady. And to be honest, I don’t think I want to rewind her back into a ball or a cake any time soon. I’m done. I’ll bag her up and wait for autumn. I think she might make a nice cowl.


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