This Green and Pleasant Land



















“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass … It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

― Vivian Greene

It’s easy to dwell on the hard times and take the good simply as our right, but as someone who struggles with depression I am always searching for ways to stay well. A bad attitude is simply a recipe for disaster – it leads to an ugly rabbit hole.

I would say I am quite an even tempered person most of the time; the bad times I take with a shrug of the shoulders, until my shoulders buckle, and the good times I also take with a shrug. I take what I get and gloss over the rest with humour, sarcasm, or resignation. It takes a lot to push me out of that middle ground; my natural ground is centre. But recently I’ve been trying harder than ever to see the positive rather than simply the neutral. I’m still reflecting on why that is; I think it boils down to some merit badges being earned in emotional intelligence, a few realisations, a reawakening, a letting go, and a little bit of getting over myself and growing up.

I’m trying hard to be positive rather than ‘whatever’.

I’ve removed my old tagline ‘My So Called Life and other lies’, because I started to blanche at the pessimism in it; my life is GOOD, masha’allah. I am blessed and my life is full of good things. There is no need for snark. I have bad days, yes I do, but my goodness I have good days too – often at the very same time, if only I shift my perspective a little.

I was contemplating this recently as I took the boys out to the park, again, to make the most of the sunshine. It was boiling so I moved to the shade. That simple act. Instead of complaining about being hot (not that I would dare, as it’s a real treat), I moved under a tree. And life’s like that; there is searing heat and cooling shade. We have a choice where to sit. I have a lovely little what-not my sister bought me ages ago to hang up in the house which reads: “Life is full of choices, either remove your shoes or clean the floor”. Yes. That.

And also? Make hay whilst the sun shines – when life gives you lemons make lemonade, then stock up for the good times and picnic with it.


3 thoughts on “This Green and Pleasant Land

  1. I love this Debbie! I so totally agree – I’m all for moving into the shade as required 🙂 And I think dropping your old tagline is a really positive thing – hope you don’t mind me saying that – I’m all for dropping the snark – I think it’s a defence mechanism that I know I tumble into effortlessly. xxx


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