For Lounging In







A very, very long time ago in craft land, just when blogging was finding its way out of its nerd niche and into mainstream, there was a craft phenomenon called “lounge pants”. Based on a pattern by Amy Butler everyone with a sewing machine were making wide-legged, comfy pants and declaring that they would never take them off ever again.

And then something else caught our interest, like the ADHD crafters we are, and lounge pants were a forgotten footnote in the craft blog archives. Until last week. Because last week I was clearing my fabric shelves, and all my yardage of thrifted (bedsheet) fabric, deciding which to keep (and why) and which to donate back to the land of thrift.

I kept a couple back, for possible future quilt backing, and many saw the open mouth of a bin liner hurtling towards them at a rate of knots. Except one. She got pulled back out, because a niggling idea of lounge pants had wormed its way into my craft brain as I searched desperately for something to ‘make’ with all this lovely stuff I was giving away.

A quick cutting around some (jazzy) PJs, hemmed, sewed and waist-casing made, I was threading elastic in in under 15 minutes. And I haven’t taken these off since.

There is something incredibly satisfying about wearing worn bedsheets as attire; they are soft and cool and like, well, being in bed having a lay in I suppose. It’s a pity they are so garish, as I have not been allowed to wear them outside the house. Shame.

Lounge pants – the new, next big thing (in my house). Let lounging commence!


4 thoughts on “For Lounging In

  1. So true! I have the book!!!! Along with that Weekend Sewing one by Heather Ross – which I only ever made the headscarf out of because everything else I tried was full of errors – shame, ’cause I love her fabric. Anyway – your pants look fab and I agree – lounge pants should live on as a big thing 😉


  2. I wanted to ask, if you don’t mind. Do you have add/adhd? I am diagnosed with it, and find myself bored all the time, but I am very creative, and am tuning more and more into arts and crafts to help with my struggles with adhd.


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