An Adventure Wrap










I am a perpetual list maker. I am never happier than when I have a to-do list and my trusty clip-board (I actually have four). I like routine, although just enough to factor in free-roaming and free-play. Because life is a series of chores when you are an adult, but by clever design and hard work you can forge moments for freedom and adventure whilst still running a functional ship.

I am not a minute-by-minute clock-watcher, but the facts are that my children need an education, food and cleans things to wear – this involves a great deal of behind-the-scenes organisation. You can’t, for example, realise your children are hungry and give them dinner if you haven’t a) bought food, and b) cooked it (giving a long sideways glance to no one in particular)… everything takes a little fore-thought.

Most weeks I take my Sundays to plan meals, the food shop, lessons and possible days out, plus factor in any appointments we have, the time I get to do chores, and the like. Usually I spend the rest of the day running around the house getting the chaos under some kind of control so that I have free moments during the week to do things I actually want to do. When it comes to planning days out or times away from home my organisational brain goes into over-drive: pack lists; to do lists; itinerary; tickets; receipts; confirmation emails printed; keys (possibly). There are a thousand little things that, if forgotten, have the capacity to turn time away from home into an irritation instead of a treat, little things that those without the responsibility of children possibly can’t even imagine. Things you don’t even consider to be ‘things’ have the power to ruin a week when you have kids.

This week, after saying ‘yes’ to more adventures than usual this year, I was inspired to get even more organised by making a wrap for all those ‘things’ to be kept in one neat, and easily accessible, place. Items down the bottom of my bag, or lost inside a zippered inner pouch was starting to niggle me, and there is nothing easier to make than a simple wallet; I have made plenty before.

I took some ideas from this version I found here, but added my own twist. Pockets for those notes and tickets and various what-nots, a pen holder, a place for keys and firmer sleeves for yet more lists and documents.

There. All done. Everything under one roof. A simple wrap that keeps my organisational mama-brain happy, and a craft that has scratched the itch of wanting to make ‘something’. It is one of those simple little tasks that makes life just that little bit easier.


3 thoughts on “An Adventure Wrap

  1. Lovley! Nice to hear about your combination of planning and free-roaming…hard to get the balance right sometimes…I tend to be a bit too free-roaming (even while living in Manhattan) and the kind of person who realizes at dinner time as we’re dancing in the livingroom with finger paints everywhere that I don’t actually have any food in the house and have to run out to the store!


    1. Oh don’t get me wrong – that was my default mode when the kids were younger for sure. I’m not sure I get the balance right, it’s all a work in progress isn’t it?


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