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Oh the inanity! Some random shots from around the house this week as I attempt to bring you fresh! new! blog! content! every! single! day! … or thereabouts. That’s my weekly quota of exclamation marks used up.

Some things then – both the sewing machines have seen the light of day. Hurrah! They came, blinking, into the sunlight like battled-hardened warriors who have spent the last sixty years surviving in the jungles of Borneo only to be told the war is over – no, dear once-used machines, it is not still 2007. Where once sewing was a daily pursuit (or rather, nightly, after the children were in bed), I haven’t made the effort I once did. Not sure why. Something to do with fabric prices; children who take more yardage in their clothes; children who would rather be seen dead than in mama-sewn; a house that has enough cushions and doilies thankyouverymuch, therefore no clue now what to make. But both machines, mine and the boys’, were pulled out – it has been a very long time since I sat sewing at the kitchen table, and everyone thought it was very cute – aw, I remember when you used to do that – yes, I’m still being patronised. More details about those makes to follow at some point.

Knitting – still have twenty-seven (OK, three) projects on the sticks.

Spinning – I have a kilo of roving to spin and dye, and I’m taking the scientific approach of hit-and-run grab-what-you-can dye-with-what-you-have whenever-there-is-a-spare-five-minutes. A kilo…

We have reverted, unwillingly I hasten to add, to winter mode here in chez Qalballah. For winter has indeed resurfaced. With snow. Can you believe that? We don’t even get snow in WINTER, but now, we’ve had snow. In May. I’m done. Out came hot chocolate, rice pudding and winter broth as I try not to get into a tailspin of dejection and moaning. If you want to know why British people obsess over the weather so much, this is why: we are the only nation on earth not guaranteed any season at any time and even have the very possible reality of having all four seasons in one day. I’m out. No more weather talk.

I’ve tidied up the fabric shelves. Again. And sorted through my sewing patterns. Again. I think I’m down to firm favourites and can’t get rid of any more. Ditto with the yarn. So now I’m onto the shed and understairs cupboard to rifle through. It’s not as pretty as yarn so this may never happen.

So, some random things of where we’re at.


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