Wishing I was Here














We were on this beach only a month ago. Allonby, Cumbria. The one day the sun shone. It was wicked cold and I was beaten back to the car as the rest of them played and rummaged through the shore debris to see what treasures they could find.

A month later and, after a brief flirt with sunshine, we are back to winter here. And I tell myself it will get better – that summer is on the way…. but all I can do is cross my fingers.

Today I miss the shore. I do hope the next time we meet the weather will be kinder.


7 thoughts on “Wishing I was Here

  1. ~ Ocean shore !! ~ ahhhh, I’m so incredibly far from any shore, ….. your images are so wonderful and refreshing. Such beauty. I am planning to move back to the coast of Maine, but meanwhile, LoVE seeking inspirations from artists, knitters, … learning how nature weaves into all of our “making” and being. The top image on your blog is beautiful, the collection is endearing in objects and colors, and the rose pattern fabric sets it all nicely.
    Glad to meet you. Shell ~


  2. ~ Oh, its stellar !! * I’ll look it up on a map. A dear friend of mine traveled to the Lake District years ago. What an adventure. I’m knitting something for myself, for the first time in awhile,… yay !! the Highland Coo Pawkies. Terrific pattern. Its your’s correct ? I enjoy many things about your blog. * what nice inspiration * ~ .. off to choose a yarn !


  3. Yes, my own (very simple) pattern – quite a snug fit. Thank you for saying such nice things – it’s like someone coming into your home and complimenting your choice of wallpaper 😀


  4. ~ also, what is more than coincidence, is that I’ve been reading (for years) the blogs of many of the same ones you have posted. madder, small things, kate davies, lusa. In fact, I live only a half hour from Lusa Organics’s family farm, in WI. You may also like soulemama’s blog. Her family lives in Southern Maine. I wish to move to Deer Isle, or Brooklin, Maine area. Originally, I grew up in Vermont and MA, and went to art college in Philadelphia. Do you know that Carrie, (madder) has a new publication coming out ? Its called: making. It is SO beautiful. ~
    & check out: SQUAM http://www.squamartworkshops.com/our-mission I think you would like it. Inspiring women !!
    I’ve just taken my 1st online course with Squam. The Magic of Myth….. beyond life changing !!
    Your images inspired me so, … just wish to pass on the great energy !! best day to you, so far away, but loVely to have this connection. Shell ~


  5. ~ Yes, that part is wonderful, because I’m not able to travel there to NH as yet for a workshop or retreat. I am most definitely signing up for the Magic of Myth 2, that will begin this Fall. Elizabeth provided a workbook as well as the online posts and videos. Its so motivating and life changing. As well, there are: Morning on the Dock podcasts on the blog, that are free, which are inspiring and lovely to listen to as I knit or work. * Elizabeth interviews all types of women who started businesses, or used art/craft/writing etc.,to create the lives they wanted. * Oh, joy. & again thank you for the SEA !! … made my day ! ta-ta. Shell ~


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