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I’ve been cleaning up, paring down, parting with things. It feels good to let things go, doesn’t it? I feel liberated somehow when I give things away or clear my decks.

This weekend saw a flurry of all that; I sorted through my fabric stash. I had a good rummage through not so long ago and parted with a fair bit, so this time was just skimming the fat off. I thought about eBaying it… then remembered how rude most people are on eBay and decided I could live without that hassle. So into the (ever-growing) charity pile it went. I also went through my yarn stash. As I was doing so I bagged them all up into Ziploc bags – like you’re supposed to! Now I won’t get so antsy the next time I see a moth in my room. It’s also easier to transport like that. Which left a few hand spuns that weren’t doing it for me and a little bit of store bought – I skeined those up, added the description, weight and yardage on a tag, thought about selling them, then they too went into the charity bags. All except two which I decided I liked once they were skeined up. I don’t know, I don’t question these things, I just go with it.

Whilst tidying up and paring down and throwing out I worked through my WIP pile. Which isn’t so large these days now I no longer sew all that much. But I found the grey and mustard squares that have been sitting for literally years waiting for me to finish off a full-sized quilt. That’s never going to happen, so I rearranged the blocks I had and sewed them into a small lap-sized/child-sized quilt top. Once I finish this I intend to sell it. And I might be selling some other blankets I’ve made over the years too (I have a lot).

As usually happens when I’m dusting things down, the need to make *something* began to itch, and I reached for some embroidery and felt and various whatnots that I’ve been only half-trying, and some making happened. I find once I forget about worrying whether things will be ‘good enough’ I hit my groove, and not only enjoy making, but produce consistently more things. All this is to say that things may be finding their way into my dusty store again, at decidedly none-store prices because I will not be making things for profit but for fun, and to raise money for others.

So. Tidying up and paring down; it’s what all the cool kids are doing. What did you do this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Flurry

  1. Sounds good to me. I left loads of stuff behind when I moved in December so if it’s not here, I obviously didn’t want it! This weekend I went gelli pad printing with Mrs Bertimus over at Hope and Elvis – it was wicked, I think I’ve found a new hobby!!!! x


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