Fierce Love


This past week I have found myself missing, with an intensity akin to grief, my children when they were little. I cannot explain why, but the ache I feel for those little chubby arms and smallness of their beings takes my breath away. It defies explanation. They are big and gangly and no longer able to be scooped up. Sitting on my knee days are over, if only due to the fact that they cut off the circulation to my feet. They are still both up for snuggles, though, but oh I do miss those mama bear hugs.

They do say the days are long but the years are short. And how true that is. I find myself wanting to drink them in before any more of this bean pole growing up occurs, before any more chubby cheeks disappear.


2 thoughts on “Fierce Love

  1. Boy… they grow up so fast, MashaAllah… My son is 18 months and I already miss his baby days!
    It is beautiful and painful at the same time… when you seen them growing, and gradually sailing away…
    Your words echo here, dear…


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