Dyeing to Try This









Firstly, let me apologise for the state of these images. They are taken in my kitchen which is at the back of the house and gets hardly any decent light, ergo the horrible strip light has to be on and ergo horrible pictures result. I’m sure this is why I hardly post kitchen and food posts. Aside from the fact I can’t cook.

At about the same time I decided I wanted to learn to spin yarn, I also came to the conclusion that dyeing yarn would be great fun too. So I purchased my drop spindle with the plan to learn to spin, get a wheel, make yarn then learn to dye. Yeah. I think I had in my head about a window of about a year in which all that was going to happen, needless to say after attempting the spindle, failing at the wheel, and reading how scary dyes and mordants were that dream died a quick and painless death, and I plodded on with my knitting with only a side glance at the spinning wheel every so often.

Well, it took longer than the year I envisaged, but I did indeed learn to spin – on the wheel, no less – and that old, pesky niggle about how lovely it would be to dye yarn began to bubble away. But this time we had Pinterest – that beautiful land where I live (in my head), and I discovered the glorious world of dyeing with FOOD COLOUR. Oh my – vinegar and icing gel? I could do that! Add to that a pesky friend who is keen to try her hand at spinning and dyeing egging me on, and it wasn’t long before I caved.

Instead of a long, laborious dye bath with scary acid dyes and mordants, I chose to start with food dye and a microwave. If you’re interested I have pinned lots of good articles on my pinterest board here, and this is the method I used first, which was quick and fun to do. I went straight ahead and dyed roving.

It is drying as I type, and I just cannot wait to get to the wheel. I have no idea how this will turn out. I will, of course, keep you posted.


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