They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To







I had no business buying another swift. I already have one, a lovely handmade one from Meadow Yarn and I love it so. But I was powerless to resist – I mean – look at her – a vintage lady of a certain age who has seen her share of yarn and knows how to handle it; pretty to look at and requires no assembly! Just pull open when needed, push closed when finished. Simple genius.

So she adorns the sitting room next to my spinning wheel, but I have to keep a close eye on those monkeys of mine – the temptation to spin this thing around, or to use as a ‘grabby weapon’ is a temptation too strong for them to resist.

Myself, I have been digging out all the sweaters my people have either worn into the ground or outgrown, and have been unravelling them one by one. It will be a while before I need her services again. No matter, she still serves a purpose for she is a pretty little thing as what-not in her own right.


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