More Old








Well, this was like proverbial number 11: no thrifting for months and months, then some sweet finds in a space of days.

Everything is making me remember my nana these days.


4 thoughts on “More Old

  1. These finds are gorgeous! I love them!
    The memories of our Nanas are the dearest… I miss my Nana alot…
    It is nice how you, in Britain, call your granny Nana, and we, Circassians, call our grannies Nana as well 🙂
    I wonder how universal is this naming?
    Here in Jordan not one got me when I referred to my grandma as “Nana” outside of my close circles… I always had to say “Nana, meaning my grandmother….”


    1. Well “nana” is very much a northern British term, and it wouldn’t be used in ‘official’ writing. It’s very much of our dialect. I suppose these words come from giving small children a way to communicate with care-givers – I noticed when mine were small the first sound they made was mumumum – so maybe thats the basis of it?


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