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It’s been a while. Let’s dive on in to some links that are doing it for me these days:

:: This cross stitch tutorial and framing link are here so I can find them again. Cross stitch is something that takes a hold of me then dies a quick painless death when I remember how boring it is. Embroidery I love, but I can’t really find a practical application for it. Maybe that will all change. One day.

:: Nerd alert: This article by Gabriella Coleman is an interesting read. “Code is Speech” covering free open source software as a political act, protest politics, the cross-over between code-writers, hackers and law-writing, and even haiku and poetry as a form of protesting the Digital Millennium Act as a means to challenge intellectual property rights, not only to challenge the restriction and ensure free speech, but to help define digital citizenship. Good stuff.

:: In light of my current itchiness to dye yarn, I thought this ‘How to Keep a Yarn Dyeing Diary‘ thing might be useful.

:: Indeed, as might this how to dye yarn with food colouring article. Much less scary than using mordants me thinks.

And finally,

:: A video about the Face of Britain. Self explanatory – involves DNA. And magic. Maybe.


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