Craft Bag




I’m trying out new ideas for taking my knitting and crochet along. Currently this is working for me – a cotton drawstring bag, stamped with some of my hand carved stamps, with an added eyelet to allow the yarn to be pulled through. No more tangled yarn, lost keys, stitch markers in my coffee or a mixture of all three. Hurrah!

What hacks have you come up with to ensure an easy mess-free craft life?


2 thoughts on “Craft Bag

  1. Not.A.Single.Thing.
    My yarns keep getting tangled and messy, and I keep following them through the mess to set them back apart.
    I consider it as some yoga, or a mental exercise about how to sort out complicated situations of life.
    This is, of course, nonsense, because the real reason is that I am still thinking if it is worth the effort LOL

    by the way, in case you were some one who accepts tags/awards, I have nominated you 🙂
    In case not, I will not be upset. (Reminding myself of one of my managers: you are invited, and you are welcome, but you are not forced to come and this will not affect your career, and if you have any other commitments I will not be offended if you do not attend! LOL)


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