Quiet on the Thrifting




I don’t really go thrifting any more. Where once it used to be a once weekly (at least) occurrence, now I only really make an effort if I am looking for something in particular; the fact is we are out of room.

But every so often I thrift by accident, as was the case as I wandered our local market after finding my original destination (the haberdashery stall) closed. The bric-a-brac stall was on the way and we idly wandered around, the boys making straight for the rusty old, dangerous-looking (and indeed, dangerous) tools as I cast an eye over the hidden gems and fantastic amount of tat. This little sewing box called to me. There she sat, forlorn, her mistress gone and without a home. For pennies it seemed a shame to leave her there and I was quite certain she would fit well into my home of hodgepodge vintage and retro what-nots. Inside were remnants of a different life – thread, knitting pins, collected buttons, wool thread and an old roller. With a few other finds we made our way home and I set about tidying this neglected box up. She was cleaned out, washed and wiped, a bit of trim stuck back into place and finally she was as good as new.

I’d like to think her original mistress would be happy to know she’s found a loving home.


4 thoughts on “Quiet on the Thrifting

  1. What a perfect find! I never come across such things, or if I do they have already been labelled ‘vintage’ and sport a hefty price tag.


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