New Things



So. This happened. There I was, minding my own business, when for no discernible reason I had a need for stitch markers. MY stitch markers. In that I wanted stitch markers that I’d made myself. I’m not quite sure, it happened in a blur of dropping kids at a sports class and finding myself in a craft store.


Yeah, beads. Turns out you can’t buy one or two, you have to buy them by body-weight. No problemo amigo. So laden with beads, beady accessories and tools I made my way home and had a go at making stitch markers. And it appears I’ve managed to acquire another crafty hobby. ANOTHER ONE. How did that happen? How did I get blind-sided like that? I have no idea. Really.

Oh well, stitch markers I do have. And I still have pleeeeeeenty of beads leftover so I’ll be making some for sale too. Maybe. If I want to part with any. They’re just sooooo purdyyyyy.

Which got me onto this – mood boarding for a shop spruce up.



Thus endeth the tale of a woman who wanted new stitch markers and ended up with a project on her hands.


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