Back (Briefly) to the Art











I’ve been dabbling again with the paints. It’s been too long, and since our last ‘crafternoon’ session when my sister paid us a visit I have been aware that I need to make more effort in carving out time for these things. Especially when I’m dragging my feet a little over it. I don’t know why really. Maybe I’m out of ideas? But as I’ve learned from other things, you do the work and the ideas come.

I was also gifted a really lovely set of Winsor & Newton soft pastels (plus easel and other things) from my aunt recently. Soft pastels can be very hard to master, but this brand is truly a pleasure to work with – the colour, the consistency, they are amazing quality (thank you Aunty xx) and I truly love working with them. They are a joy.

It’s also nice seeing my sister get into her art – she is becoming amazingly proficient in charcoal and has since joined the pottery set, and it’s buoyed me along. She is a very talented crafter so I hope she keeps it up. But it’s nice to be able to share art with someone else. Most of my interests are intensely solitary ones – maybe I need to join a local group for company?

But dabble in paints I did last week, working with my familiar watercolours, a few bits of ink and adding some collage little bits. It is entitled “Self Preservation” and I’m waiting to hear back from a couple magazines to see if they will take it. If not, then it will be my own store lickety split.

I think I need to get back to the sketchbook and work on some more ideas!


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