The Knitting Continues





I’m still making patterns up as I go along. This hat was version 1. There has been version 2 and 3, with matching mitts, but I’m still wondering whether to change yarn. This is Lopi, which is warm. But a little itchy. But warm beats ouchy, though, right?

I’ll be sure to refine it before it leaves the nest, but as a first draft this has seen lots of use and is very appreciated by my miniman who LOVES the colourway and the warmth. What more can a maker, and a mama, ask for?


10 thoughts on “The Knitting Continues

  1. Oh… I cannot risk using any itchy yarn with my little one. Any not-baby-special yarn can be itchy for him. Itchy might mean very irritated skin with large red spots that can be oozing some times.

    For my hubby the formula is: it is yarn ==> it is itchy. No matter how soft.

    So I stick to knitting for the baby boy rather the man ๐Ÿ™‚

    The combination of orange and blue is just perfect! And the pattern is beautiful two. You keep the two yarn colors attached, right? So the fabric ends up some what thick, right?


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