These children are getting so big masha’allah. I know that is the plan with children, and I’m not one for wishing it would slow down, good Lord, no. Everything is going at the pace it should, and the only thing I have to do as a mother is give them roots and wings – and the older they get, advice. Letting go, inch by inch, day by day, bit by bit. Just as it should be.

This year my eldest will be taking a break away with friends on an outdoor activity weekend – full of all the good things that teenage years should be filled with – friendship, independence, fun things to do! I’m so excited for him. The midget and I will probably be stunned by the hole (and silence) he leaves. But apart from making sure he eats halal, prays on time and doesn’t fall in love (oy!), I’m thrilled at the prospect of seeing these people of mine fledge.

Now all I have to do is make sure I know what to do with myself when they do.


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