Knitting Patterns





I’ve been toying with the idea of making more knitting patterns for sale. I do knit a lot, and I do enjoy making my own designs, so it seemed like a non-brainer. Plus, well I own enough yarn to sink a cargo ship.

Oh, but I’m so tired. Tired of hustling most of all. I am thinking of selling all my fabric and sewing machine to make room for things – like living – in this house that I already hate with a passion. Will I sell my yarn too? It could happen. Once I burn bridges they do tend to be raised to the ground. In fact, everything. I’m slowly letting go. Blogging is a dead medium. I have nothing really to blog about. I have nothing to sell. No life to share. No one I want to connect with. The only reason I carry on here is that the space it leaves, albeit small, isn’t filled by anything else. I’m sure once it is this space will die a quiet and painless death.

And all in all, who the hell really cares.

Not me most of all.


17 thoughts on “Knitting Patterns

  1. This too shall pass. There will be more room for knitting in our lives and we will look back on these whirlwind family life years and wonder how they could pass this quickly. Thank you for the great idea to collect everyday memories in a jar throughout the year. I hope it’ll help to slow down. I’m off to bed now… So very tired…


  2. I care, & I enjoy your blog. When I have these kinds of feelings getting out in nature helps me a lot. Your writing is meaningful to many of us so hang in there. Mary Ann


    1. Oh Mary Ann that is just the advice I need! Yes! It’s been too long since I’ve been roaming that forest…. I think that’s just what we’ll do tomorrow! How did I miss that.


    1. When I first saw your watercolours I thought they’d be lovely in a children’s picture book. Have you thought of this? And I even thought they’d be nice on tshirts (have you tried teespring or spreadshirt?)


    1. Hmm I see what you mean. I have a storage of fabrics and yarn in a whole cupboard all to myself. I collect them faster than I can use them. I try to get rid of some on ebay or I’ll make something and sell it on ebay. But it’s a slow process!


  3. I have only recently come across your blog, but I just wanted to let you know that there are people out there who read and value your posts. I am finding it really interesting to understand more about your life, your beliefs, and of course all the crafting and knitting. Much appreciated by many people I am sure. There is usually a huge silent majority who read and don’t comment.


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